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September’s Athlete of the Month – Chris Myers


September’s Athlete of the Month – Chris Myers

September’s Athlete of the Month is Chris Myers who brings so much dedication not only his training but to his studies prepping for med school having just completed his MCAT. Chris has been a pleasure having at the box and has been a great training partner for Jordan Butler. Chris aspires to go to the games and we think with that kind of drive and athleticism it’s a real possibility. Good luck with your last year at Washington and Lee see you in a couple months.

Here is a word from Chris:

“Last summer I joined MCCF to train powerlifting using the platforms. After watching one class, I realized I was in the wrong sport. Members were friendly, healthy, and having a great time. Having worked out for years at local YMCAs, MCCF’s atmosphere was unlike anything I had experienced before. While I had always enjoyed being at the gym, Midcoast has a sense of community that you can’t help but notice and love.

Over the past year, I have continued to work on becoming a better athlete and a better CrossFitter. This summer I worked with Zack and Wendell and trained with Jordan with the goal of qualifying for CrossFit Regionals in 2018. I appreciate the time and effort that they have put into this summer, and I am excited to continuing training when I go back to college this year.

Outside of the gym, I am a Neuroscience major and Art History minor at Washington and Lee University in Virginia. I am interested in becoming an orthopedic surgeon who focuses on injury prevention in young athletes. This upcoming year is my last year in college, and I look forward to returning to the Midcoast community next summer.”20160426_083052IMG_0222

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