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Snatch 10/22/15


Snatch 10/22/15

Midcoast CrossFit – Oly

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Overhead Squat

Work up to a set of 6 x 2 reps.

Work on keeping weight in the heels and body/bar in vertical straight line when bar is locked out overhead.

Snatch (1-1-1)

Working on form in the Squat Snatch, work up to a heavy single for the day (not necessarily a 1rm). Once heavy single is obtained getting as low as you can go in your squat depth at this time, then use that for 3 singles while resting at least 2-3 min. in between reps.

** Goal is to not lose good form and maintain/work on squat depth. Don’t want to lose form to “muscle” more weight up.

Remember the amount of weight you will eventually lift over time is directly related to your form. So let’s work on that!!

**We will review and talk a bit about correct bar path.