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Split Jerk


Split Jerk

Midcoast CrossFit – Oly

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Jerk Split Drop (No Measure)

Bar does not get pressed overhead, rather stays behind the neck (racked on shoulders) while lifter performs a split jerk.

Split Jerk (behind the neck) (No Measure)

Warm up and build to a set of 3×3.

Split Jerk (1-1-1-1-1)

Build in weight to a heavy single for the day while working on proper form and dip/drive/split positions.

Front Squat (6 sets x 2 reps)

After warming up into the weight that will be used for the 6 sets, aim to stay at that weight for the entire 6 sets. Choose a challenging weight, but a weight that you will get through all 6 sets, without having to drop weight off the bar before completing sets.

**This is a strength benchmark for lifters and we will do this same rep scheme at a later time with the goal of increasing strength and weight used over time.

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