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Summer Cycle Re-Testing Week: Day 4


Summer Cycle Re-Testing Week: Day 4

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Pull-ups (Max Reps)

Perform 1 Warmup Set of 2-3 pull-ups

Then, jump on the bar and give your best effort for a max effort set of pull-ups. The test ends when you can no longer get your chin over the bar.


The Sam Briggs Sandwich (2 Rounds for time)

2K Row

Rest 10 Minutes

1 Mile Run
You’ll have two separate scores today

Your first score will be your 2k row

Your seconds score will be your 1 mile run

Your goal is to give a max effort on both tests. You should be fully recovered after the 10 minutes. If you feel as though you’re not mostly recovered, give yourself an extra 2 minutes.

Please put in the notes which order you did it in.