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Summer Cycle Testing Week: Day 3


Summer Cycle Testing Week: Day 3

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Power Clean (1 RM)

Start At about 30-40% of your one rep max and build. You have 20 minutes to find a heavy single.


Optimus Prime (Time)


Hang Power (115/85#)

Toes To Bar

10 minute time cap
Scales for Toes to Bar (in order of difficulty)

1. Toes Halfway To Bar

2. Hanging Knee Raises

3. Leg Raises On Floor (holding onto the rig)

4. Stick Situps

5. Straight Leg Situps (no stick)

Scale the weight so you can keep the hang power cleans either unbroken or no more than 2 breaks in the set of 21 and 1 break in the set of 15.