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Sunday 5/3/15


Sunday 5/3/15

Midcoast CrossFit – CrossFit

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(No Measure)


Shoulder smash

Dynamic 90s

Junk yard dogs

Front rack mobility (No Measure)

Banded tricep stretch

Front rack mobility on box (PVC)

Tricep smash

Bergner warm up (detailed) (No Measure)

1. Down and up

(Bar is at waist, knees dip 1-2 inches and back up, and repeat)

2. Elbows high and outside

(Bar is at waist, dip down and up, on the way up bar continues to travel (collar bone level) as elbows come high and outside, and repeat)

3. Muscle snatch

(from waist, and repeat)

4. Bar on back snatch drop (2,4,6 inch)

(Bar on back, no dip, press bar up as body drops, and repeat)

5. Hang power (putting it all together, and repeat)

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Partner WOD

A. Run 800m

B. AMRAP Power Snatch 75/55, 95/65, 115/75

**Then switch

A. 30 Abmat situps + 50 d.u. (100 single)

B. AMRAP Burpee box jumps 20/18, 24/20, 30/24

**Then switch

A. 400m Sand bag/Plate carry 35/25, 45/35

B. AMRAP Clean & Jerk (same as snatch)

**Then switch
Score is total number of reps added from both partners from all three stations.

Post wod stretching C (No Measure)

Slow 400-800 m run

Foam roll

4 way banded stretch