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What is CrossFit? It is a competitive sport for some, it is a fun way to workout for others, for a few (or a few hundred thousand) it is a pure addiction!

We train hard all week long in our CrossFit box, we know how to fuel our bodies and we find a sadistic joy in the brutal, crazy workouts that we endure every single time we show up! Yes, CrossFit is pretty bad but really good, a little hateful but we love to love it, it is our vice, our need, our…..cult (some may say). But as the song goes “If lovin’ you is wrong than I don’t want to be right”! So my questions is this….. What are we training for?

We train to be fit, to feel good, to look good, for our body, our mind and our soul. But what else? What if I told you that you have the opportunity to compete against everyone in your age group in the world but in the comfort of your own box? You have the opportunity to do a WOD every week for 5 weeks that will be put on a leader board with thousands of other people just like you across the WORLD to see just how well you are doing and just what all of this training has done for you!

Why not? You have already done what so many won’t, you are already doing what so many don’t. You are a crossfitter and that means you have what it takes to believe in yourself and to take it to the next level.

The Open’s have arrived and so have you. Let’s do this MCCF!


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