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Week 1: Day 4


Week 1: Day 4

Midcoast CrossFit – CrossFit

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E2MOM X 14

Set 1: 3 Deadlifts @ 70%

Set 2: 10 Weighted Steps Per Leg Front Rack KB

Rest 2 Minutes after the EMOM


2 Sets

60s on 60s off

ME Straight Leg DL at 25%
Keep it light on the straight leg Deadlift. Take 5-7 warm-up reps. If it feels heavy, scale the weight down even further. This should feel easy for the firs 20 seconds of the minute, but your hamstrings should be burning by the end. If you cannot maintain a true straight leg deadlift, adjust by deadlifting to two plates so you can maintain a straight leg.


Legs Like What? (AMRAP – Reps)

5 Sets

2 Minutes

200m Sprint

ME Thrusters Until 3 Minutes (95/65#)

Rest :60
The 200m is meant to be a sprint. If you cannot maintain a sprint pace for 200m or you find yourself coming in with less than 20 seconds left to perform thrusters, scale to 150m (out to past the pod and back) sprint.

Accessory work

Pull-Up Progression Day 2

3 Sets

Max Effort Bar Hang

Rest 60 seconds


3 Sets

10 Single Arm Banded Pull Downs Per Arm

8-10 Band Assisted Pull-Ups
Pick a band strength that allows you to perform 8-10 pull-ups unbroken.