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Week 2: Day 4


Week 2: Day 4

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4 Sets

A1: 8 Plated Deadlift

Rest :30

A2: 6 Bulgarian Split Squat Per Leg (2 KBs/DBs)

A3: 10 Unweighted Jumping BSS

2 Minute Rest
Pick a plate that allows you to hit the bottom of the deadlift without losing form.

For the BSS, you’ll perform the 6 on one leg, then go immediately into the jumping. Then you’ll switch legs, perform 6 weighted and immediately go into the jumping.


Face Against The Wall (Time)

6 Rounds For Time

250m Row Sprint

5 Wall Climbs

Rest 90 Seconds
If you cannot perform wall climbs, perform 30 plank shoulder taps.

Accessory work

Metcon (No Measure)

Pull-Up Progression Day 2

2 Sets

4-5 Tempo Ring Rows @51X3

ME Regular Ring Rows

Rest 2 minutes