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What Goes Up


What Goes Up

Midcoast CrossFit – Masters

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Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Power Snatch


Ring Dips

Box Jumps

Kettle Bell Swing

Wall Balls

Ab Mat Sit Up

Add 1 additional rep each Round

Basic (No Measure)

4oo meter run

Foam Roll

Shoulder Smash

Bergner warm up (detailed) (No Measure)

1. Down and up

(Bar is at waist, knees dip 1-2 inches and back up, and repeat)

2. Elbows high and outside

(Bar is at waist, dip down and up, on the way up bar continues to travel (collar bone level) as elbows come high and outside, and repeat)

3. Muscle snatch

(from waist, and repeat)

4. Bar on back snatch drop (2,4,6 inch)

(Bar on back, no dip, press bar up as body drops, and repeat)

5. Hang power (putting it all together, and repeat)

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