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Wod-a-thon’s and Run-a-thon’s


Wod-a-thon’s and Run-a-thon’s

We have had a lot of busy members in the past two weeks! Let’s start with the 8 people we had that participated in the Wod-a-thon at Schedule II CrossFit. First I’d like to give this box in East Hampton,CT a huge shout out for a very successful, very well run and super fun event! Great job Schedule II!

Tony – 24 Hours (7pm-7pm)
Ginny – 12 Hours (3am-3pm)
Pam – 12 Hours (7am-7pm)
Casey – 12 Hours (7am-7pm)
Spedding (Kevin) – 12 Hours (7am-7pm)
Michelle – 12 Hours (7am-7pm)
Maggie – 12 Hours (7am-7pm)
Mada (Chris) – 6 Hours (1pm-7pm)

This is the list of athletes that we had go and they all performed awesome!!!! The WOD’s all looked so fun yet challenging and the atmosphere looked friendly and fun! Some of the highlights that I heard about were just awesome….

Death By Burpees was won at 19 rounds by non other than our Masters coach, Maggie! It was a race to the finish against one of the owners of their box but our girl pulled it off! Amazing!

In the sit-up competition, the last 4 teams consisted of 7 MCCF members (Pam/Michelle) (Mada/Tony) (Casey/Mags) (Spedding/an athlete named Joe from Schedule II) with Spedding and Joe pulling it off for the win! So proud of our box!

Ginny, who called ahead to make special arrangements to be there from 3am to 3pm PR’d her Bear Complex and was able to PR life by then racing out the door to be there for her daughter’s prom! Nice work!

We could not be more proud of all of our athletes for showing up for a great cause and for performing the way we always know you can – Amazingly!


This past weekend, we had our own Wendell Webber go to NJ to take on a challenge that most would never imagine. For the second year in a row he took on “3 Days at the Fair. This is a huge event that has some people running for 3 days on a one mile track and went a total distance of 77 miles in a 24 hour period of time. That is dedication to your sport. Great job Wendell, we were all cheering you on from home!