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There are those that live and there are those that LIVE….. there are those that coast and there are those that soar…..there are those that are content and there are those that get wide-eyed at the very thought of the next thrill in life…..
Wendell is the definition of one who LIVE’s to soar through every thrill in life and we all love and admire him for this.

Tomorrow, Wendell and his family leave for Canada, where his wife and girls will watch as their husband/dad takes on one of the most thrilling adventure races out there. The OCRWC (Obstacle Course Racing World Championship) is something that you must qualify for through certain obstacle races you have completed. Wendell got invited and with the love and support of MCCF, he is going to make us proud and compete! We will follow all of his posts on FB and anxiously await his return to hear all about this thrilling adventure!

Wendell, we are so proud of you! Please know that weather you come in first or forty first, we all admire and love you!

Now go own this thing!



*In case you were all wondering, below is a link with the obstacles that Wendell will have to endure!

2016 OCRWC Announced Obstacle List



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